UV Led lamp with 48w battery

650,00 lei RON 750,00 lei

Professional UV LED Hybrid Lamp 48W, 36 UV LEDs and timer (30s, 60s, 90s) White color with exceptional finishes! 1. Built-in lithium batteries: Works on the basis of batteries (5200mAh) so that it can be used anywhere and lasts up to a working day. 2. The time and battery level is displayed by the illuminated LCD screen 3. Dual LED light source (365 + 405nm): able to dries all types of nail gels. 4. High power 48W: dries nails in a very short time. 5. The selection buttons are with touch for a premium touch 6. The base of the lamp is made of mirrored stainless steel for a good reflection of UV light and for easy maintenance. 7. Reduced dimensions 250*220*120mm (height), weight – 1100 g 8. "MIG Nails & Beauty" LOGO RGB lighting