Professional electric milling cutter MIG LIGHT 35

1.300,00 lei RON

Model: MIG LIGHT 35 Probably the most FASHION nail cutter on the market, with adjustable speed up to 35,000 RPM. Top quality product with which you can get the desired results in a short time! Its design and ergonomics make its use very easy. Here are some reasons why fresa:profesionala is the most suitable for you : – 35,000 rotations/minute; - made of aluminum, very resistant to shocks; – reduced vibrations. - silent; - two directions of rotation, without the need to stop the cutter before changing the direction of rotation. – the buttons are with touch – full digital control – white ambient light diffused under the central unit - electric lift where you can store the cutter heads Warranty: 1 year. It is delivered together with the chuck support The picture is informative and the milling heads in the picture are not included in the price!