Book: "Secrets of the Successful Nail Stylist" author Inga Moga

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The Secrets of the Successful Nail Stylist
A book in which I put not only theoretical or secret knowledge from practice, but also pieces of my soul, every thing learned and experienced by me means work, passion and last but not least, dedication.
Seeing how many people are interested in studying, I wanted to help everyone with this book, in which you will find my working technique developed and experienced during my 10 years of activity.
It is a book that contains over 750 illustrations where you will learn and understand this job step by step regardless of whether you are a beginner or want to enrich your knowledge and perfect your work technique. A book that you will flip through page by page and work step by step following it until you acquire all the knowledge in this field.
A book that has been worked on for over 1500 hours (9 months / 8 hours a day), which contains 280 high glossy pages with well-structured information in 9 chapters and easy for everyone to understand the secrets of this job.

Chapter 1: Organization of the workplace

Head. 2: Protective equipment and hand hygiene

Head. 3: Technical rules regarding cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments.

Head. 4: Natural nail / skin

Head. 5: Description of the products used in the gel manicure

Head. 6: Preparation of the natural nail.

Head. 7: Semi-permanent nail polish.

Head. 8: False nails - Square shape.

Head. 9: Resistance problems.

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