Terms and conditions

We recommend carefully reading the terms and conditions below.
The photos shown are indicative and may contain accessories that are not included in the product's standard package. The technical specifications are informative, in accordance with the data sent by the manufacturers. All products on www.migshop.ro are available within the stock limit. The www.migshop.ro team makes every effort to eliminate any errors.
The products offered by the seller are generally available. For products that are not currently available in stock, the seller will communicate to the customer an estimated delivery time and/or (according to the customer's preference) alternative products, available in stock or that can be brought into stock in the interval desired by the client. The seller will make these proposals to the customer, the choice between these options or the option to completely cancel the order will belong entirely to the customer.

Careful!!! Discounts and Promotions are not cumulative!!!

The pictures of the products are informative!

If prices appear on the website with discounts greater than 50% compared to the list price or free, this may be an error and we do not assume responsibility for orders or inconveniences created. These orders not being honored! (If you find such situations, please contact us to fix them!)
The seller has the right of full and exclusive ownership of a good until the moment when he effectively and fully collects the price requested by the customer for it. From the moment of full and final payment to the seller of the requested price, the customer has full and exclusive ownership.
The personal information collected from customers by the seller in order to place orders, both through the website www.migshop.ro and by phone or e-mail, are absolutely necessary in order to carry out distance trade.
The collection of personal contact information is absolutely mandatory, this information being indispensable since it ensures the information and the possession of the ordered goods by the customer. The seller can request this information through any means of communication agreed by the customer: by phone, via the Internet or normal mail, the requested information is mandatory for the validation of an order, the seller can refuse an order or communication with a customer if the information provided by him raises suspicions .
The parties will communicate in any mutually agreed way, either by telephone or by fax, via the Internet or by regular mail, courier, etc., but only those written communications explicitly addressed to the party to whom the communication is made will have contractual value.
INFORMATION NOTE REGARDING THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 or 2016/679 (GDPR EU) for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of private life in the electronic communications sector www.migshop.ro has the obligation to manage in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide us about you, a member of your family or another person. The purpose of data collection is: informing potential customers about existing offers, obtaining invoicing, delivery and contact data in the case of orders, direct communication, by telephone or via the Internet, with customers or potential customers for marketing or after-sales support, technical assistance, service . You are obliged to provide the required mandatory data, these being necessary for the purpose of invoicing and delivering the products ordered by you, communicating with you as a potential customer and providing post-sales assistance for the orders made. Your refusal determines the inability to honor the orders formulated, to answer the questions sent by you and to provide you with assistance if you previously requested it. The recorded information is intended for use by the operator and is communicated only to the following recipients: the operator's employees, parcel companies through which the delivery is made.
To request the deletion of your data or account, please use the form on the contact page.


www.migshop.ro guarantees the confidentiality of the data stored in the customer account. Migshop.ro will not transmit this information to a third party under any form or reason. Exceptions can be made in cases where you will be asked for written consent or those provided by law.
Your personal information can also be provided to the Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the Courts and other authorized state bodies, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of express requests.

Payment methods

Cash payment
Cash payment is made in lei, in full, upon delivery or upon picking up the products from the Migshop.ro headquarters. The value of the products is the one from the moment of telephone confirmation of the order. In the case of delivery of products by couriers, payment will be made to the commissioner who makes the delivery by cash on delivery.
For cash payment at the office (Valid only for legal entities!!!), no transport fee is charged!
Individuals will be able to buy and pay only through the Fan Courier by cash on delivery.
Payment order
Payment by Payment Order is made only on the basis of the proforma invoice issued by Migshop.ro, following the telephone confirmation of the order with a sales consultant.

The delivery of the goods is made after confirming the payment, in the account below, of the issued proforma.
Company name: SC MIG Nails & Beauty SRL
Lei account: IBAN: RO 27 INGB 0000 9999 0126 8118, ING Bank NV Amsterdam suc. Bucharest Code. SWIFT: INGBROBU
Unique registration code: RO 24707697

Trade Register: J08/2914/2008

Headquarters: Str. Main no. 79 Village. Luta, Jud. Brasov

Delivery of orders:
The ordered products are delivered throughout the country via Fan Courier and/or GLS Courier/DPD Courier within 24-48 hours to you from placing the order and confirming it by phone/sms.
The products are in the original, sealed packaging of the manufacturer and are well packed during transport, until delivery.
The products are sent only by fast courier services, and the courier company is FAN COURIER and GLS Courier.
The cost of transport is 10 RON for orders that exceed the value of 120 lei. No other expenses are added to this amount, regardless of how many external kilometers there are to your location. If the courier tries to ask you to pay other taxes or commissions than the one communicated by us, please contact our colleagues from customer relations immediately.
Orders that do not exceed the amount of 120 lei are not honored!
For orders over 300 lei, shipping is FREE!!! throughout the territory of Romania.
International orders are delivered only after the proforma invoice issued for the order has been paid in full in advance through one of the agreed payment methods (bank transfer or Western Union, Pay Pall (additional commission of 5% of the value)). International orders are not processed if they have a value of less than 100 euros and the transport is calculated according to the delivery method agreed with the buyer (international express courier or national post)

In the case of discount periods, the transport is only 20 lei for the entire territory of Romania!

The company MIG NAILS & BEAUTY SRL introduced, starting from 01.09.2016, the possibility of insuring the parcel during transport. The insurance cost is 20 lei/parcel regardless of its value, but not more than 2500 lei. This insurance represents compensation for possible damage to certain products during transport. This insurance does not replace the product warranty. In case of damage to the goods during transport, the customer has the obligation to notify by any method within 24 hours about the possible problems noticed during transport, with as clear as possible evidential pictures and proof of purchase. If this period of 24 hours from the receipt of the parcel is exceeded (the date and time of the receipt signature on the AWB is taken), the company SC MIG NAILS & BEAUTY SRL reserves the right to refuse compensation!

Each customer will be notified by SMS confirmation about the possibility of insuring the parcel, the customer having the obligation to respond in writing also by SMS to no: 0725.835.362 with {Want Insurance or Refuse Insurance}, in case the customer does not confirm the SMS- clearly with the above mentioned, it will be put on hold until a clear confirmation, and the delay in receiving the package will not be blamed on the sender.

If the customer refuses to insure the parcel during the transport, the company SC MIG NAILS & BEAUTY SRL does not respond to any complaint arising from the transport (bumps, cracks, scratches, breakages, liquid leaks, or malfunction of the corresponding electrical equipment).


The products purchased through the website can be returned according to the laws in force.

Abandoning the purchase

Products purchased remotely can be returned according to GEO 34/2014 . The consumer has the right to notify the merchant in writing that he is canceling the purchase, without penalties and without citing a reason, within 14 days from receiving the product or, in the case of services, from concluding the contract. The return of the products will be done at the customer's expense, within 14 days from the termination of the contract.

To return the product, you must notify this in writing, by post or email. Only written requests will be considered.

The refund of the value of the returned products will be made as soon as possible after receiving the products, as long as the customer provides the necessary information to make the payment.
The repayment of the amounts due will be made using the same payment method used by the customer for the initial transaction, (if it was paid in cash, the amount will be returned to the beneficiary's personal bank account)

The consumer is only responsible for the reduction in the value of the products resulting from their handling, different from what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. According to Directive 2011/83/EU, point 47: in order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the consumer should touch and inspect them in the same way as he would be allowed to do so in a store.

The returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered (in the original packaging with all accessories, with the labels intact and the documents that accompanied it). Products with physical changes, bumps, chips, scratches, shocks, traces of excessive use and/or unauthorized interventions, etc., are not accepted for return.

According to the legislation in force, the cancellation of the purchase is applicable only to natural person customers.


  • Sealed products that cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and that have been unsealed by the consumer. Hygiene/personal care products that have been unsealed cannot be returned
  • Audio or video recordings or sealed computer programs, which have been unsealed by the consumer

Complaints regarding the lack of products or a delivery that does not correspond to the order must occur within max. 72 hours after receiving the goods, otherwise the MIG Nails & Beauty SRL company is absolved from any responsibility. The buyer has the right to notify MIG Nails & Beauty SRL in writing that he gives up the purchase, without penalties and without citing a reason, within 14 working days of receiving the products. Sealed products are excluded from return or exchange once the seal has been broken. The request for damages due to the delay in delivery is excluded in any case, as long as the delay is not caused by intentional negligence or with the intention of the company MIG Nails & Beauty SRL. The company MIG Nails & Beauty SRL has no responsibility for the case that the delivered goods do not correspond to the purpose for which they were purchased by the buyer. The company MIG Nails & Beauty SRL will not take over the returned packages without the transport paid by the sender.

All products are tested in detail and have been used thousands of times before. The quality of the products is proven by a certificate of conformity, only on request. The use of the products is in all cases the buyer's responsibility. Claims for damages, especially those due to improper use of the product, are excluded. Our technical indications are based on our experience, but they do not oblige us to do anything. The company MIG Nails & Beauty SRL grants its products sold to professionals a one-year warranty, provided that the rules for their transport, handling and storage are respected. If the buyer is a consumer according to law no. 449/2003, the guarantee offered is in accordance with this law. The customer can no longer refer to the warranty, if he has modified in any way the properties or characteristics of the delivered product. The guarantee assumes that the company MIG Nails & Beauty SRL carries out repairs to the delivered product. Partial or total replacement of the article is possible. MIG Nails & Beauty SRL is responsible for visible defects, which can be noticed by the buyer, only within the limits provided in the COMPLAINTS article.

"100% guarantee" means: in the first 14 days after buying the product, you can change your mind at any time if the product is sealed and in the original box! The product(s) are sent back with the original invoice and by the Fan Courier courier with payment of the transport to the sender, after checking the products the money will be returned within a maximum of 14 days by bank transfer to the buyer's account.

The "200% guarantee" means: in the first 30 days after buying the product(s), if you are not satisfied with a certain product, you can return it and get your money back. The product must be in the original packaging and not more than 25% of the quantity must be consumed. The product(s) must be returned personally to our office in Bucharest, Strada Petre S. Aurelian, No. 54 BL. 7.5 A, Baneasa, with the original invoice from the technician who worked with that product and the reason why he is not satisfied. The product will be checked by us to see if the complaint is justified. If it is found that the defect exists or the characteristics are inadequate and the problem cannot be solved, the money will be returned on the spot for the purchased product.

The "300% guarantee" means: If you are disappointed with a purchased product, you can ask for double the amount you paid for it! The product must be in the original packaging and not more than 25% of the quantity must be consumed. The product(s) must be returned personally to our headquarters in Bucharest, Strada Petre S. Aurelian,
No. 54 BL. 7.5A, Baneasa, with the original invoice from the technician who worked with that product and the reason why he is disappointed with that product! If the problem cannot be solved, double the amount paid on it will be returned to the beneficiary's bank account within the maximum period. 30 days!

The latest version of terms and conditions can always be found on www.migshop.ro. By publishing a new version on www.migshop.ro, the existing terms and conditions in this catalog lose their validity and are replaced by the new ones, displayed on www.migshop.ro. Even if one or more of the above conditions are declared invalid, the other conditions maintain their validity.
We reserve the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.