PM25 – 1g.

25,00 lei RON

Weight 1 gr. (+/- 5%) Instructions for use: After applying MIG color gel, dry in the lamp for 2 minutes. Apply a thin layer of Top Gel for Mirror, dry in the lamp for 15 seconds - 1 minute (checking the age of your neons). The more the neons are worn, the drying time will increase (we recommend for the beginning, to do some tests on the tips until you get the desired result). Apply the pigment with the Pigment and glitter brush by erasing, making sure that you have pigment on the brush, after which you can easily remove the excess pigment with your finger. Remove the pigment from the nail with the dust pad, then seal the nails very well with the Finish II gel. Attention: Do not seal the tip of the nail with colored gel or pigment! Grammage 1 gr. (+/- 5%) Image for reference only