26. Crystal brush 3/0 for painting (thin lines)

75,00 lei RON

High quality kolinsky hair brush. It is excellent for gel painting, as well as with acrylic paints to create fine details and contours. The hair is very flexible but at the same time stable, making the retention of paint or gel optimal. RECOMMENDATION: Do not use for painting with acrylic paints a brush that you have already used in the gel design. You can only use it the other way around. 11. Design Brush 3/0 for painting (thin lines), made of high quality Kolinsky hair. It is great for both gel and acrylic paints in order to realize thin details and contours. The hair of the brush is very flexible, yet stable making the quantity of the gel being evenly distributed. Attention! Do not use for acrylic paints a brush that was previously used with gel.