Transport insurance

20,00 lei RON

The company MIG NAILS & BEAUTY SRL introduced, starting from 01.09.2016, the possibility of insuring the parcel during transport. The insurance cost is 20 lei/parcel regardless of its value, but not more than 2500 lei. This insurance represents compensation for possible damage to certain products during transport. This insurance does not replace the product warranty. In case of damage to the goods during transport, the customer has the obligation to notify by any method within 24 hours about the possible problems noticed during transport, with as clear as possible evidential pictures and proof of purchase. If this period of 24 hours from the receipt of the parcel is exceeded (the date and time of the receipt signature on the AWB is taken), the company SC MIG NAILS & BEAUTY SRL reserves the right to refuse compensation! Insurance is automatically added to each shopping cart! For those who do not want to insure their package during transport and assume any damage caused by the couriers, they can remove it from the basket by clicking on the x next to it on the screen with your basket. Every customer who places an order by SMS will be notified by SMS confirmation about the possibility of insuring the package, the customer having the obligation to respond in writing also by SMS to the number: 0725.835.362 with {Want Insurance or Refuse Insurance}, in case that the customer does not confirm the sms clearly with the above mentions, it will be put on hold until a clear confirmation, and the delay in receiving the package will not be blamed on the sender. If the customer refuses to insure the parcel during the transport, the company SC MIG NAILS & BEAUTY SRL does not respond to any complaint arising from the transport (bumps, cracks, scratches, breakages, liquid leaks, or malfunction of the corresponding electrical equipment).