Professional vacuum cleaner, built-in TORNADO II

2.500,00 lei RON

Professional vacuum cleaner for the manicure table, built-in, very high power, silent, with 4 turbines positioned 2 on the left and 2 on the right, with ON / OFF operation and power adjustment. The total power of the vacuum cleaner is 100w. The filter is very efficient, stopping even the finest initials resulting from filing gel or acrylic. Filter cleaning is done daily, weekly or as needed depending on the workload. Filter guarantee: This product is a consumable and non-conformity complaints can be made within 24 hours of receiving the product. Recommendation: It is recommended to replace the filter every 3 months, depending on how often the vacuum cleaner is used. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is 270 m3/h Assembly instructions for the TORNADO II professional vacuum cleaner Required: screwdriver, pendulum saw / router, double-adhesive sponge tape, glue (optional) For assembly, a round hole with a circumference of 16 cm is cut in the table top. Under this, the body of the vacuum cleaner is fixed with the help of the screws from the package (so that the hole is in the middle of the filter). For a more professional look, you can cut a section of 16.9 cm (diameter of the mesh) with a depth of 2 mm in which the mesh can be placed so that the surface of the table is without unevenness. The suction mesh can be fixed with silicone, double-adhesive tape, plastic gun or any other method that does not allow air to pass between it and the table. Make sure that under the table (in the space where the filter is mounted) there is a surface without edges so that it is easy to change/clean the filter and the start buttons are easily accessible! ASSEMBLY RECOMMENDATION: The vacuum cleaner is mounted in front of the table (toward the technician), meaning that the suction hole will start 8 cm from the edge.
WARRANTY: The device (with the exception of the filter, which is a consumable material), benefits from a 2-year warranty.