Autoclave ENBIO PRO

12.245,10 lei RON

Why should you have Enbio?

It is available at a convenient price - Provides the best quality for the lowest price. Operating costs are extremely low. It is intuitive and easy to use - No appointment required. You don't need to log in. Sterilization takes place in just three steps - you turn on the device, choose the desired sterilization mode and let it work. Automatic report - You no longer need to manually save and print. Reports are automatically saved and sent to the USB stick connected to the device. Several sets of instruments can be sterilized at the same time - Save time and sterilize multiple sets of instruments at the same time - up to 16 sets at once! Safety and precision - Ensure the highest level of safety for you and your customers with Swiss technology. PAYMENT & DELIVERY INFO:
  • The delivery time is approximately 5-7 working days from the confirmation of the order, after the payment has been made online, or through OP (THE PRODUCT CANNOT BE PAYED IN REFUNDS).