Flexible bases

75,00 lei RON

Flexible bases It is a base gel with low viscosity, it is recommended for Gel Polish Power, MIG color gel as a substitute for semi-permanent nail polish (gel-lack) or regular MIG gel polish, making a perfect adhesion on the natural nail. Drying time: UV lamp (36W): 2 minutes, CCFL + LED (60w): 60sec. Instructions for use: After you have prepared the nail bed with a 180/180 grit file and removed the dust very well with a brush, apply Nail Prep MIG to the entire surface, then apply Primer Light MIG or Primer Strong MIG only to the natural nail, letting it air dry at max . 40 sec. A thin layer of Flexible Base is applied, sealing the natural nail very well. It dries in the lamp, after which the color gels from the MIG range are applied, with the same attention to sealing the natural nail. The hand is inserted into the lamp. Then apply TOP Shine Flexible in a thin layer and let it dry. Wait at least 2 minutes for the nails to cool down. For quick removal and without destroying the natural nail, remover MIG is recommended. 10 ml *These instructions are informative and are for people professionally trained in the profession of Nail Prosthetic Stylist. The information provided is valid for MIG Nails & Beauty products and may differ from those of other companies. We do not assume responsibility for the use of the products in any other way than described above.