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Color gel (5 ml) Collection Blitz & Glitz SILVER: Gel Color with an extra large silver pigment, applies easily, does not flow and has a creamy texture. Due to the high pigment, we recommend the application to be done in 2 very very thin layers to avoid unevenness. For an easy and uniform application, we recommend using the oval-gel-brush no. 6 and the cat's tongue brush no. 6 It can be applied on all 5 nails simultaneously without running towards the cuticle, for color on the entire nail. It dries in a 36W UV lamp - 2 min. 60W CCFL - 30s. If the neons are worn, the drying time will increase exponentially. It is recommended to leave it unsealed for a more beautiful effect, or if you want to seal it, you can use Finish 1, Top gel Polish or Rubber TOP MIG. Made in EU. *These instructions are informative and are for people professionally trained in the profession of Nail Prosthetic Stylist. The information provided is valid for MIG Nails & Beauty and may differ from those of other companies. We do not assume responsibility for the use of the products in any other way than described above.