DAVERA – Antimicrobial liquid soap 500 ml

34,40 lei RON 43,00 lei

Davera - the antimicrobial liquid soap contains as an active substance chlorhexidine, a substance with disinfectant properties, which fights effectively against any microorganisms. Thanks to its properties, this liquid soap is gentle on the skin of the hands, being able to be used even 50 times in a single day. How to use: Before starting the hand washing procedure, jewelry or accessories must be removed. Then, all technical hand washing steps will be followed, according to the WHO:
  1. The hands will be moistened with water;
  2. Apply 2-3 ml of liquid soap;
  3. The hands are rubbed palm on palm;
  4. The back of each hand is rubbed with the palm of the other, with the fingers crossed;
  5. The hands are rubbed palm to palm with crossed fingers;
  6. The opposite palm is rubbed with the back of the fingers, with the fingers interposed;
  7. Rub the lips with the opposite hand using rotational movements;
  8. Rub each wrist with the opposite hand;
  9. Hands are washed with water