Professional electric MIG milling cutter

1.800,00 lei RON

Model: MIG 35 The most powerful nail cutter on the market, with adjustable speed up to 35,000 RPM. Top quality product with which you can get the desired results in a short time! Its design and ergonomics make its use very easy. Here are some reasons why fresa:profesionala is the most suitable for you : – 35,000 rotations/minute; - made of aluminum, very resistant to shocks; – reduced vibrations. - silent; - electronic protection against overload. - two directions of rotation, without the need to stop the cutter before changing the direction of rotation. - it can be started from the button or the pedal, the pedal having adjustable speed. – full digital control. Illuminated Mignails & Beauty logo. Control unit size: L 120 mm, H 75 mm, L 120 mm. Weight: 1,130 g. Warranty: 1 year. It is delivered together with the chuck support and the foot pedal. The picture is informative and the milling heads in the picture are not included in the price! Attention: Electronic products are sold only to legal entities!