GLASS Color Gel

22,50 lei RON 45,00 lei

Gel color transparent de culoarea vitraliului. Se foloseste peste constructie noua cu prelungirea patului unghial din camuflaj. Se poate aplica in mai multe straturi astfel intensificanduse nuanta. In interior se pot aplica diferite mixuri pentru a creea un efect special. Noua tehnica de aplicare: Se poate aplica si peste pigmentul PM01 pentru a creea un efect mirorr spectaculos! (Se aplica PM01 pe Art gel White sau Black si se freaca pentru a creea efectul miror, se curata foarte, foarte bine surplusul de pigment cu pamatuful pentru praf MIG si mai apoi se aplica 1-2 straturi de gel Glass Effect MIG, pentru o stralucire de durata se recomanda a aplica Rubber Top gel) Se gaseste in 10 nuante. GLASS EFFECT GEL 5ml Glass Effect Gel is a transparent gel with a light shade of 6 available colors. It must be used as a french gel over newly built nails right next to the camouflage nail bed enhancement. You can apply it in many layers for a more intense color. In order to obtain a special effect you can combine with glitter, spangles etc. It is available in 10 colors Attention! Do not keep the gels directly in the sun light, UV light or high heat. * These instructions are informative and they are for professionally trained as Certified Gel Nail Technicians. All the information are valid for MIG Nails & Beauty products and it can be different from other brands. We do not take responsibilities for using the products in any other way that the one described above.