Hybrid Acrylgel White 50 ml

189,00 lei RON 270,00 lei

Hybrid Acrilgel is a hybrid gel that combines the best of the gel and acrylic systems. Strengths in the gel system: it has high viscosity, easy to model, does not release significant heat, does not flow to the cuticle, is a 2 in 1 gel (construction and camouflage), very high mechanical resistance, very stable and keeps its "C" curve without the need for tools of tightening, it is recommended for all types of nails and lengths, the apex as well as the construction on the template can be done with a single gel. Strengths in the acrylic system: does not release odor, does not contain monomers, does not dry in the air, is easy to file, much more flexible. It is a construction gel cover (camouflage), that is, a 2 in 1 gel. It covers the imperfections of the nail very easily and gives strength to the construction by replacing the clear modeling gel, you can also create the apex of the nail from it! It is a viscous gel, it does not run so you can apply it to all 5 fingers at once, thus reducing the working time in half. It is also perfect for extending the nail bed in the French construction technique. Drying time: UV lamp - 2 minutes, LED-UV - 60 sec. Made in EU! Instructions for use: For surface French, color on the whole nail: After you have prepared the nail bed with a 180/180 grit file and removed the dust very well with a brush, apply Nail Prep MIG on the entire surface, then apply Primer Light MIG only on the natural nail, letting it air dry. Apply Base Gel MIG with brush 2. Right Gel brush no. 4 in a very thin layer without touching the cuticle and with slightly pressed and oscillating movements horizontally so that the base gel enters all the wrinkles created by the file, carefully sealing the construction, dry in the UV lamp for 2 min. After drying, DO NOT remove the remaining sticky layer! With a spatula, take the sufficient amount of gel, apply it to the nail and with the Kolinsky oval brush (2 in 1) soaked in Cleanser MIG, even out the gel creating the shape and apex of the nail. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 min or in an LED-UV lamp for 60 seconds. Degrease the sticky layer with Cleanser MIG, shape the nail with a 150/150 MIG file. *These instructions are informative and are for people professionally trained in the profession of Nail Prosthetic Stylist. The information provided is valid for MIG Nails & Beauty products and may differ from those of other companies. We do not assume responsibility for the use of the products in any other way than described above.