Primer Strong (acid) Pen 2.5ml

26,95 lei RON 38,50 lei

Primer Strong type Pen with acid (2.5 ml) Primer with acid that creates a strong adhesion between the natural nail and the gel. Regulates the pH of the nail, prevents exfoliation of the natural nail. It can be used both for the gel system, acrylic and permanent nail polish applied to the natural nail. Thanks to the pen-type packaging, you will reduce the risk of burning the skin, you can apply it with great precision in a sufficient and uniform amount, reducing the risk of yellowing of the natural nail due to excess primer. Drying time: air dry between 30-40 seconds. After drying, the natural nail will take on a matte appearance Instructions for use: After you have prepared the natural nail by pushing it and removing the cuticle with a diamond-cut cuticle cutter , gently smooth the natural nail with a 180/180 grit file and apply Nail Prep Mig . Apply Primer Strong (acid) in a very thin layer only on the natural nail without touching the cuticle and let it air dry for 30-40 seconds. CAREFUL! - do not touch the cuticle or the skin because it can cause burns as it is an acid. It is recommended to be used both for construction with gel, acrylic, maintenance and permanent nail polish. *These instructions are informative and are for people professionally trained in the profession of Nail Prosthetic Stylist. The information provided is valid for MIG Nails & Beauty products and may differ from those of other companies. We do not assume responsibility for the use of the products in any other way than described above.