Chameleon Gel Polish Set

320,00 lei RON 400,00 lei

Set of 4 bottles Camelon semi-transparent permanent nail polish, with a brilliant shine (contains silver threads). It can be applied both on the natural nail and on the gel. Application on black gel or dark colors is recommended. (10 ml). It is recommended to apply on the natural nail together with Rubber Base and Rubber Top, the removal is done easily using the MIG Remover. Flexible bases It is a base gel with low viscosity, it is recommended for Gel Polish Power, MIG color gel as a substitute for semi-permanent nail polish (gel-lack) or ordinary MIG gel polish, making a perfect adhesion on the natural nail. Drying time: UV lamp ( 36W): 2 minutes, CCFL + LED (60w): 60sec. Top Shine Flexible It is part of the triphasic gel system and is used as the last layer, being a gloss gel with extreme shine. It is a low-viscosity gel without a sticky layer that does not require degreasing on a rubber base, very hard. It keeps its shine for up to 4 weeks. It is a universal finish! Drying time: UV lamp – 2 minutes CCFL + LED lamp – 30 seconds