STERISOL – High level disinfectant 500 ml

35,00 lei RON

It is a high-quality product, intended for long-term use in medical offices. It successfully cleans and sanitizes inventory items, instruments and the environment in the rooms. It can be used to disinfect equipment, containers and utensils. This product can be used both in the medical, industrial and institutional fields, as well as in the household. It is a quick-acting solution that does not contain alcohol, aldehydes or phenols. It has a wide spectrum of biocidal action and is ideal for any type of material. Way of ussage:
  • Surfaces : Spray directly on the area that needs cleaning or disinfection and distribute the active solution evenly over the entire surface and the objects that need to be disinfected. Let it act for at least 5 minutes. Does not require rinsing.
  • Instruments : Clean the instruments of coarse dirt if necessary, then immerse them in the solution. Let it act according to the action times recommended in the Technical Data Sheet, then wash with sterile water.