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  Instructiuni de folosire: Dupa ce ati pregatit patul unghial cu pila de granulatie 180/180 si ati indepartat praful foarte bine cu o perie, aplicati Nail Prep MIG pe toata suprafata apoi aplicati Primer Light MIG sau Primer Strong MIG doar pe unghia naturala lasand sa se usuce la aer max. 40 sec. Se aplica un strat subtire de Rubber Base sigiland foarte bine unghia naturala, apoi se realizeaza apex-ul unghiei naturale, dupa care se intoarce mana pentru uniformizare. Se usuca in lampa 2 minute ( UV ) / 60 secunde ( LED ). Optional, se poate aplica gelul color MIG. Se introduce mana in lampa. Apoi se aplica Top Shine Flexible intr-un strat subtire si se usuca. Se asteapta minim 2 minute sa se raceasca unghiile. Pentru inlaturarea rapida si fara a distruge unghia naturala se recomanda Remover MIG. 10 ml *Aceste instructiuni au caracter informativ si sunt pentru persoanele pregatite profesional in meseria de Stilist Protezist de Unghii. Informatiile furnizate sunt valabile pentru produsele MIG Nails & Beauty si pot diferi de cele ale altor companii. Nu ne asumam raspunderea pentru utilizarea produselor in alt mod decat cel descris mai sus. Rubber Base is a rubber-type base, ideal for hardening of the natural nail, with the perfect viscosity for the creation of the natural nail apex. It is highly successful used with the filing-free technique of the surface. Curing time: UV Lamp: 2 minutes / LED: 60 seconds. Instructions: After filing the nail with the 180/180 grit file, remove the dust, apply Nail Prep MIG on all the nail’s surface, then apply Primer Light MIG or Primer Strong MIG only on the natural nail and let it dry for 40 seconds. Apply a thin layer of Rubber Base sealing carefully the natural nail, and then the apex of the natural nail can be created, after which the hand can be turned over for uniformization. Curing time: UV Lamp: 2 minutes / LED: 60 seconds. Optionally, it can be used the MIG Colour Gel. After the layer of color, apply Top Shine Flexible in a thin layer and cure it. Wait for 2 minutes for the nails to cool a bit.. For a fast removing and without damaging the nails it is recommended to use MIG Remover. 10 ml * These instructions are informative and they are for professionally trained as Certified Gel Nail Technicians. All the information are valid for MIG Nails & Beauty products and it can be different from other brands. We do not take responsibilities for using the products in any other way that the one described above.